Is Will Smith an important rapper? The kind that deserves the awards, the honors, the accolades that the music industry foists upon him? Well, no. The words corny and safe might be applicable when describing the artist formerly known as the Fresh Prince. But dig this: corny and safe as he may be, why can't you stop singing "Getting Jiggy wit It" or why does your child love "Just the Two of Us," Smith's shameless ode to dads and their kids? Probably because Smith is nothing if not sincere. Yes, the tracks are obvious and leaden, and, no, Method Man won't have any sleepless nights when Smith lets loose with a rhyme. But give him this: Smith comes from the culture, even if he long ago left the streets.

--Amy Linden

Rolling Stone

...crackles with the lucid energy of early-'80s rap hits....he displays the confident craft of a screenwriter and the unthreatened bounce of a guy with little to exceptional megacelebrity album.

The Source

...BIG WILLIE STYLE isn't high on INDEPENDENCE DAY caliber stunts--it's what you'd expect from a rapper who also happens to be one of the most popular actors in the world...


...The saving grace of the former Fresh Prince is that, as an MC, he's never taken himself too seriously....BIG WILLIE STYLE's wisecracking, fun-filled material is expected--and fun to digest...

My rating: 4 Stars