Excerpts from the Interview with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

LR: What does this film represents on Will Smith's Career Path?

Will: "Um, it represents the most complete performance I've ever been given the opportunity to display, I mean physically, emotionally, spiritually, there is so many different aspects, so many ups, and downs. It took more of what I poses as a performer and as a person to create this interpretation of Muhammad Ali. At 33 years old, it feels like this is the peek, you know, like what else can I possible do? I feel like I've giving everything that I have. I can't do any better than I did in this film".

LR: I heard there was trouble filming in Africa and was this truly your first visit to Africa?

Will: "First of all that is a true testament to Michael Mann's genius because the insurance companies, the Studios and everybody else was trying to get us to shoot the film in the Caribbean, and Michael Mann said "absolutely positively not. We are shooting it in Africa", and It was a tornado of emotions. I first got off the plane and one of the baggage handlers said "Welcome Home Brother". That did it for me. I was done. I was like, let me get all my emotions out cause there is so much emotion in Africa. Then there was these 10 African women who greeted us, and I was like "Oh my God!" I was almost angry. Why didn't they tell us you all were here?! Just 10 Dimes, 10 perfect 10's. Then we're in Johannesburg, and you wouldn't know you're not in Manhattan. I felt embarrassed that I didn't know that there were tall buildings in Africa, and I'm feeling the girls riding around in their Benz's and I'm like wait a minute I would never know that this was Africa. Then I was angry. How come I didn't know that that existed? How come I was scared? Oh you got to get shots before you go, man you don't need no damn shots before you go to Africa. If you're going go on Safari, out into the bush or something like that, you may need to get some shots. I was really disturbed to the point that Jada and I are looking for a place in Johannesburg, cause I refuse for my kids to be as dumb as I was about the biggest continent in the world".

LR: Any Future projects? Like "I am Legend"

Will: "I am Legend, I am looking at that right now". (With that big Will Smith smile)

Here is what Jada said about The Matrix

LR: How are Matrix 2 & 3 going?

Jada: "Oh, Its going". "I have to go back in February for 5 more months, I feel like Iím in the Matrix for real. Its like a never ending movie, but itís coming along. Also they had to recast Aaliyah and Gloria Foster (The Oracle) parts, which is really sad. But its coming along".

source: http://www.latinoreview.com/moviereviews/ali/ali.html