Movie star Will Smith is set to quit Hollywood and set up home in Southern Africa throughout next year. The actor and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were so blown away by the beauty of the country while Will was filming his Muhammad Ali biopic Ali there earlier this year they secretly bought an estate in Mozambique. The couple will move in for Christmas and live there for the next 12 months. Will even plans to send his oldest son Trey to school there. He says, "The experience in Africa was amazing. I am still living off the emotion of it. Africa is the best and the worst of everything on this planet - the most beautiful land you will ever see in your life. When I first landed I was really pissed off that I was so ignorant and that children in America, when they say Africa, they think of lions, tigers and giraffes. In all my years in America I have never seen a picture of a beautiful African woman. I met Miss Mozambique. She's 6ft 5ins and, believe me, you've never seen a woman who looks like this. It felt like God's house was in Africa and he made sure everything around his house was beautiful."