Just rockin'!
just rockin'!
each and every day when i come home from school
like clockwork i go up into my bedroom
i secure the door that is the moment to truth
i flip on my sound system and let the bass loose
the earthquake bass makes the walls all tremble
a disco tech is what my room resembles
how loud it gets, to me does not matter
i open up the windows so the glass won't shatter
the glass that falls off my neighbors walls
my phone rings off the hook with complaint phone calls
but i just let it ring and i don't go near it
i turn the volume up so that i can't hear it ring
my eardrums rumble
the lungs vibrate
i'm in my own world, this realm is great
let me rock this power
in my command
the decibels exceed the limits humans can stand
the lower frequency better known as bass
synchronized with the treble at a jazzy pace
my neighbors complain
they says they can't endure
the form a congregation outside my front door
my mother, she yells
sayin' it's too loud
starts bangin' on the door for me to turn it down
my responese to my mother when she starts knockin'
is c'mon mom
i'm just rockin'!

just rockin'!
Ready Rock C
(Ready Rock C beatboxes)

this style of mine
such rarely is heard
seldomly there is an opportunity to observe
the picasso of rhyme
the super computer
the literary genious rhyme ruler of the future
i'm the Fresh Prince
slayin' all MC's
so roll the red carpet and take to your knee
pain i would just submit that can't confuse my scheme
cause i'm the Fresh Prince and this is my regine
so to all other rappers
your bein' sub dued
i don't mean to be rude
but this is my prelude
this introductory performance has just one plot
it's an example of how me and my DJ rock
when i'm listening to reason
so don't try to talk
do yourself a favor and take a walk
or i'll amputate your mic and repocess your cord
i demand your salute to the Prince
the power lord
my friends, i'll mangle you if we tangle
put my thumbs in your asophagus and i'll strangle you
i'm the Messiah of rhyme
the verbal gladiator
i'm like a bomb
and my temper is the detenator
the crowned chief of he poetry industry
vocabulary that to others is a fantasy
highly respected by the public at large
the Prince will rock is takin' charge
i'm like a tank at a battlefield
i'm invincible
you wanna battle me?
man be sensible
i'd never submit
to any other MC's
it'd be a dual to the death
either him or me
and as i verbalize to my DJ's cut
if we kill a wack crew or two so what?
we're just rockin'!

we're just rockin'!
DJ Jazzy Jeff
(DJ Jazzy Jeff scratces)
break two
on each occation i perform
a force captures my body like a magical storm
suddenly i'm rendered helpless at a state of shock
but it ends right there abruptly as i start to rock
my adrenaline rushes
my ego swells
and the yells of the crowd makes my hype excell
my motabolism quickens
my body gets tense
that's when i metamorphisize into the royal Fresh Prince
and as i display all of my lyrical peices
you become my slave as your hype increases
and as i vocalize
i can see it in your eyes
you stand up
as your enthusiasm level rises higher and higher
beyond the mark of red
you scream olay to what the Prince just said
as my energy drains from being so crush
all of a sudden i get another adrenaline rush
it happens each and every time my DJ spins
more commonly known as my second wind
the spotlights are beamin'
girls are screamin'
from my body all the sweat is streamin'
commandin' the stage
and petpetroly flurtin'
givin' my all till the close of the curtain
one hundred percent
every time i rhyme
when i step up on the stage
that's when it's miller time
this is a count of the evening that have been reported to you live
by me, the Fresh Prince
some of the things you heard
to you may seem shockin'
(what does this all mean?)
i'm just rockin'!

i'm just rockin'!
go crazy