[Cy Young]
Just feelin' that way that I do it
Hope lives on
If not through me through song
I'm gettin' along
Take deep breaths and hold on
I write like I realize I could be gone
I'm here
Is the true meaning of love clear?
If love is pain is love really fear?
Is the meaning of life just to breath?
Is death losing all of your prescious things?
Some think men don't cry well here's tears
Been told all these lies for these years
It's unclear why truth is untold
What hold fast and truth will unfold
I know
But it's kinda hard to believe
That our whole generation could die over greed
And that most of our own die overseas
But it all remains to go unseen

We are
Livin' for today not the past
Tryin' to hold on 'cause the trouble won't last
We are showin' that the roots run deep
And that hope won't cease 'cause everyday we believe
We will
Hold on and hold out
Put it together and make it work some how
This is
This is for Malcolm and music
My story, my movement
Never forgettin' the children

[Cy Young]
Keep your head to the sky
The only way that you fail is if you never ever try
And live for you
Care for you
You don't have to worry I'm a always be there for you
Doin' what?
Layin' the foundation 'cause we gonna make it but it's gonna take dedication
And love and hope and peace
And I hope one day you'll see and you can join us