well i was coolin'
sittin' by the phone waitin' for
a ring with a female voice
or a date or
an invitiation to a night club for some mingling
then ahh
my phone started jingling
i picked it up
i checked the Rolex first
i called one of my regulars
worse come the worse
i said Hello but the voice sounded nervous
baby relax FP at your service
the girl spoke up and her voice sounded very nice
i met you last week at that club called the Paradise
i said Yeah babe i'd like to go there again
so get dressed and you better be fly
see you at ten
hung up the phone and checked the mirror
sorta like ESP
i could hear her beatin' in (?) with a groove
and all i could say to myself is damn this boy is smooth

so i pulled into the gate where they (?)
(?) (?) and a Porsche not 11
then girls took a look at me and started to break
ladies calm down
i've already got a date
cruised up front and was happy to find a
tantalizing, tastey tool named Tanya
i said Hey yo babe let's not go in the place yet
c'mon hop in i got Luther in the tape deck
i kicked the gift
and the girl was like silly putty
she said Let's got some place to chill
i said Really honey?
we went to the beach to take a little walk
i found out i was smoother than i thought
my hands like Mavericks
started to wander
left then right
then wound up behind her
face-to-face and chest-to-chest
then oooooo
like a spindle of silk this boy is smooth

here it is verse trés
back at my place
the scene was set
cause i set it before i left
girl i'm like a tool
grab and use me
where do you want me?
by the fireplace or the jacuzzi?
i never slip
yo i got my grip like a handle
turned down the lights and lit up a candle
a bottle of chill champange right beside me
radio boomin' pumpin' the Osley's
maybe i'll grab her and give her a kiss
and kick her a line on the smooth Billy D. tip
or maybe i'll take her outside where the pool's at
smack it up flippin'
nah i'm to cool for that
i know what i'll do
i'll hold her tightly and carress her for a little while
make it gentle and slow not faster
a pause for the clause now here's a word from the master
yo i'm the J-A-double Z Jazzy
the smoothest of the smooth
and i had to be known acknowledged and reconized as the kind of the goove
i'm the man that blessed FP with his smooth

hey yo Jerry
take me out