Love & life
a mysterious combo
sit back
cause now it's time to go
back in my past my personal strife of bein'
caught in the middle of love & life
love is a ferry tale
earthly bond
but life is true
the reality chime
life brings on love
it's kinda hard for you to give up the satisfaction you scarred for
this is a metaphor
sorta a riddle
if your confused
chill and i'm sure it'll
clear up for you in a little bit
love & life
i'm caught in the middle of it

who or why your love ain't always right
especially when you cross the path of life
the wrath of life is hard cause your taught to dream on
but when your out in the world reality's on
you've found somebody to be with
you pour lovin' in
and it seems as if
your pourin' love into a bottomless pit
you love each other but it just ain't workin'
your not meant to be together it seems like
well just think
maybe it's things like she works 9 to 5
you work 5 to 9
never together
2 separate lives
see what i mean?
your like the movies
she's like the club seens
nobody's wrong and
nobody's right
just caught in the middle of love and life

everbody wants to capture the rapture
love & live happilly after
walkin' around barefoot
sniffin' daises
just layin' around all day long makin' babies
go to France to dance
and eatin' in Sweden
gamblin' in Rio
winnin' cause your cheatin'
these are some situations you could have some fun in
but open your eyes and real life comes runnin' in
dreamin' again
a plateau to come off
back to the world as the alarm clock sounds off
start the day right
call your girl friend
but love & life start at it again
she says Baby i need to see you
you say Babe i got work to tend to
love says go and be with her
life says boy get your butt to work
think of love and life as a rock in a hard place
exhilaratin' like a high speed car chase
heartache or heartbreak
it cuts like a knife
caught in the middle of love & life