The F-L-Y guy
'bout to toss somethin' at ya
here i come again with a groove to move you
somethin' kinda smooth you can bop your head to
chill is the feel you can play it anytime
smooth is the groove layin' back behind the rhyme
so please put a freeze on hoopin' and hollerin'
fans deserve more for their hip-hop dollar man
and i'm just the rapper to deliver
the rapper that could give a
funky rhyme flowin' like a river
silky silky
cotton to the ear
diction perfect
rhymes all clear
tempo moderate
this ain't no marathon
step back new jacks
observe the paragon
don't be lookin' around clown
that's right, i'm black again
with the dopeness
your head is boppin' isn't it?
yeah i thought so
yo i'm just kickin' it

i'm just kickin' it
just watch me y'all
i'm just kickin' it
yo i'm just kickin' it

prepare for the voyage
just close your eyes
who ain't ready?
holler out i
well ain't nobody hollerin' cause all is perfect
the groove is the wave and the rhymes are surfin'
track design
with a rhyme in mind
iddie up up up up the will climb
every other rapper tryin' to getcha to jump
when you're all done jumpin' i'm gonna give you what you really want
track by track
displayin' my ability
the man FP
showin' true dexerity
on the mic
no rules
i'm lawless
wicked and a kicker and my rhymes are flawless
so sit back
and allow my to rock ya
with a hit that you're gonna get mentally locked to
a hip-hop stylist
and all pro flowwer
i post up together better than Noah
a cut to kick it to
cotton to the ear drum
all true poetry
from me you'll be hearin' some
so extra, extra
read all about it
i'm slappin' the hell out of those that doubted
i'm rppin' every city i've been in
coast to coast
not to boast but i'm winnin'
fans approval
and that's the way i'm livin'
all without effort y'all

yo i'm just kickin' it
yeah yeah
i'm just kickin' it
c'mon c'mon
i'm just kickin' it
i'm just kickin' it

let's take a trip
mellow out while i'm rappin'
your mind is the boat and my rhyme is the captain
so hoist a sail
and it's time to flow
to a place other rappers don't go
into my territory
everybody get on up and get busy for me
heads are boppin' hard and fast
now i'm gettin' sued cause my groove caused whiplash
everytime a rhymer tried to
say somethin' smooth that will move inside you
the way that you should feel when you hear real rap
is trapped in a rhyme and your climbin' to the climax
a lyrical painter
the Fresh Prince
and y'all and all my picasso essence
musical passion
lovely isn't it?
but ain't nothin' to it
yo i'm just kickin' it

just check me
check me
just kickin' it
like primetime y'all
just kickin' it
i'm just kickin' it
yo i'm outta here