Yo let me talk to you
let me have a word with you
if your doin' somethin' else i hope i'm not disturbing you
but if i am, so what?
stop it
cuase me and Jeff are about to co-rock this
we're musical magical radicals
no small letters in our names, only capitals
in unbelievable, inconcievable that another could defeat us
we're a brand new group, so what?
man, we still got hundreds of thousands of fans
don't play us small cause we're not
just salute the new kids on the block

i'm not a rebble of nothin' but i can hold my own
and like Moses (?) stack a microphone
in my hand or sometimes in my mic stand
all i need is an audience
and man, you never know what i might say or do
just put me on stage and give me my que
and take cover
i'm not jokin', i'm serious
and anyone who dares to come near me is
a lunatic
because i'm totally unstable
uncontrolable as my record revolves on the turntable
i'm a prisoner to my adrenaline
but don't worry, it only happens when i'm in
concert or a battle in the street
or any time that my ears behold the beat
but that's cool
i guess you'll be okay
all you gotta do is just stay the hell outta my way
i'm not tryin' to be tough just don't mess with me
i'm not guinea pig so stop testin' me
and just because i'm humble doesen't mean i'm soft
like a living room table i'll bust you off
cause you're a leaf and from your tree you've fallen
before you were hype but now your back stay stallen
i said that you're a leaf but i forgot to say
and i'm a hurricane so i'll blow you away
there's your warning
do yourself a favor and beat it
we battle everyday and we have yet to be defeated by anyone
whether you like it or not
we're runnin' things
the new kids on the block