Lyrics compiled by JumpinJack AJ

-Okay, we're rollin'

FP:  Yo Jeff, what's shakin, man? 
JJ:  What's up, dude? 
FP:  Hey man, you remember that girl I knew I walking to school, man The one who used to diss me every day?
JJ:  Yeah 
FP:  When the record came out she called me two days ago, man
JJ:  Man, my phone is ringin; off the hook With people askin me for tapes and free records, man, I ain't with it
FP:  Word ,man. Bust this 

This rap is for you people in the past who were against me 
Who snapped at every opportunity to dis me 
Put me down like I was nothin, treated me like a jerk 
Now I'm seein the pay-off of all my hard work 
Cause now that it's my records on the wheels
Somehow, all of a sudden it's a whole new deal 
So for those in the past who dissed me, don't deny it 
What, you're sorry? Huh - don't even try it! 

JJ:  Word, man. 
FP:  Man, people are trippin', man,
JJ:  Put everybody down about what's up with that 
FP:  Yo word, man. I gotta let 'em know I gotta.
JJ:  Bust this 

I used to know this girl by the name of Theresa 
I did all I could to make her release 
Her Emotions to me, but she just wouldn't do it 
She built up a wall and I couldn't break through it
I used to walk to school every day of the week
Watchin' Theresa walk on the other side of the street
One day I finally got my heart up to speak
But she dissed me and dismissed me with a smack on my cheek
So I bought six bottles of new fancy cologne
But all I got from Theresa was "Leave me alone!"
I bought new clothes to wear every place
But all Theresa would say was "Get out of my face!"
So I gave up this quest for Theresa
But then on the day my record was released
A Strange thing happened when it came on the radio Theresa broke her neck just to say "Hello"
I looked at her, I said, "You must be foolin'
Why did you ignore me on the way to school
If You were interested?" 
She said "Oh, I apologize" I looked deep into her dark brown eyes
I said, "You ignored me for months on end
Now all of a sudden you wanna be my friend?
You didn't talk before, so don't talk now, be quiet What, you really like me? Huh - don't even try it!" 

((((Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble))))
Listen homeboys don't mean to bust your bubble
but girls of the world ain't nothing but trouble
so next time a girl gives you the play
just remember my rhymes and get the hell away

Just last week when I was walking down the street
I observed this lovely lady that I wanted to meet
I walked up to her I said "Hello"
she said "Hey you're kinda cute" I said "Yes, I know
but by the way sweetheart, what's your name?"
She said "My friends like to call me Exotic Elaine" I said "My name is the 'Prince" and she said "Why?"
I said "Man, I don't know, I'm just a hell of a guy
But enough about me, let's talk about you and all
the wonderful things that you and I can do"
I popped some trash and a little bit of time
I showed some cash and the girl was mine
I took her on the town, I wined her and dined her
she asked me was I horny I said "Yeah, kinda" 
All of a sudden, she jumped out her seat
Snatched me up by my wrist and took me out in the street
She started grabbin' all over me kissin' and huggin'
so I punched her in her chin said "You better stop buggin'"

--:  Now I'm buggin'…
FP:  Stop buggin'

About that point, I proceeded to class
I spoke to all the pretty girls that I passed
I went to my room which was on the first floor
I had no idea what I was in for…

The teacher turned around while my arm was extended
She looked me in the face and said "'Prince, you're suspended!"

He didn't think it was funny, he didn't' even smile
He said "mmmm mmmmm mmmm, you're and unlucky child"
I stopped laughing and I said "Why's that?"
He said "Just get out my school and don't' you ever come back"
I said "Wait, this is my school, and you're telling me to leave it"
He handed me my books and said "Yep, you best believe it
As I walked out the school, back at the walls I gaze
I said "man, its Just One of Those Days

((((JUST ROCKIN'))))
Each and every day when I come home from school 
like clockwork I go up into my bedroom 
I secure the door that is the moment to truth
I flip on my sound system and let the bass loose 
The earthquake bass makes the walls all tremble 
A disco tech is what my room resembles
How loud it gets, to me does not matter 
I open up the windows so the glass won't shatter 
the blast that falls off my neighbors walls 
My phone rings off the hook with complaint phone calls 
But I just let it ring and I don't go near it
I turn the volume up so that I can't hear it ring 
my eardrums rumble, the lungs vibrate 
I'm in my own world, this realm is great 
Let me rock this power in my command 
The decibels exceed the limits humans can stand 
The lower frequency better known as bass 
Synchronized with the treble at a jazzy pace 
My neighbors complain, they says they can't endure  
They form a congregation outside my front door 
My mother, she yells sayin' "it's too loud"
Starts bangin' on the door for me to turn it down 
My response to my mother, when she starts knockin' 
Is "C'mon mom, I'm Just Rockin'!  Just Rockin'! "

So Ready Rock C!

Yo Jazzy!

Well, it's true that I'm the reigning king of the throne 
But with all my strength, I couldn't do it alone 
I need a DJ like (Jazzy) to back me up 
So when I'm rockin' on the mic he's on the crossfade cut 
Scratchin' and mixin', mixin' and scratchin' 
Second after second it's the record he's catchin' 
His hands are so fast that it's a medical riddle 
With the turntable split and the mixer in the middle 
Back and forth his hands fly 
With the speed of a cheetah that'll puzzle your eye 
Record after record, he has no mercy 
Cuts left, cuts right, then he cuts vice versa 
I'm not exaggerating, I said it and I meant it 
I resent it if you say that his cuts are presedented 
He's a lean, mean, wreckin' machine 
He gets respected like a king when he's on the scene 
So bust a move, cause you know he's def 
He's my DJ,  (The Magnificent) Jazzy Jeff! 

Now make it sound like a bird!
Now make it chirp!

Now here's a story that should not be forgot 
About the day my DJ turned into an autobot 
He got struck by lightning in an electrical storm 
He got on the wheels of steel and began to…transform!

His name is Jeff, and he's as swift as a swift 
The type of guy that other DJs don't want to have to reckon with 
He's by my side as I rock the mic 
All of his vigorous cuts are sure to excite you 
They'll delight you, you know that that's right 
If you Were a stick of dynamite, his cuts would ignite you 
The DJ on the wheels can't be matched 
So (check out Jazzy Jeff with a cold cut scratch)