Yo this is DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
and we got our whole family and friends up in here
and we're havin' a little fun and ho-ho-hoin'
and Merry Christmas and all that kinda stuff
and what we wanna do
we want to let everybody know that this is the season we want you to max and relax
and just take a little time and send your Grandmother that Christmas card or whatever
but spend some time with your family
it's time to get back to the family
cause our family is in here partying
y'all ready to party? (hoooooooo)
say yeah (yeah)

it's Christmas
so tell me y'all what is this?
it's more than economics
the point is being mystic
the ule tide spirit isn't found at the mall
it's in your heart and your house and your family y'all
you can't buy happiness at Sax 5th Ave.
it's with your brother and your sister and your mom and your dad
so let's get it back together cuase i don't know what a better time could be
the time is now y'all
to get back to the family

let's get back to the family

now DJ Jazzy Jeff and yours truely The Prince
would like to take a couple of minute to try to convince you
that the spirit of the season isn't found in a gift
it isn't found in a store
it's found in the people that you spend it with
so let's forget about the dollar amount
bacuase more now than ever it's the thought that counts
the point i'm tryin' to make is plain as day for me to call it
givin' is from your heart y'all
not your wallet
think back
think back to the past
think back to 4th grade makin' Christmas cards in class
constuction paper
glitter and glue
the card looked a mess
but to your mommy was the best gift
that you could give her
you know what i'm talkin' about
you put your heart into it until your heart came out
Christmas cookies
cakes and pies
remember the way they made you feel inside?
now that's what we need to get back to
black, white, red, & yellow please stand with me
because now is the time to get involved with moronic
get invlolved with ourselves
and get back to the family

hey Grandma
hey Grandma let's dance (but i don't wanna dance)
i know your knees hurt Grandma but let's dance
Grandma fell down
little Billy knocked over the tree
i'm hungry
i got a G-I Joe with a kung fu lip
Merry Christmas mon
merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mon
from ours to yours
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year