Let's take a trip try to grip the fast seat
and imma get ya hipped to how dangerous this dance could be
it seems kinda crazy when i check it in hindsight
i went straight bezerk
kind of Jekyll and Hyde like
two years ago, i went on a rampage
i slipped, lost grip, started rippin the dance stage
people around me, my head kinda whizzing
what a delima
an underground wizard
i heard the sound of music and i opened my eyes up
there's people all around me so, yo, i better rise up
a couple guys grabbed me and they said to me "Let's go"
you're the new warden of the wallflower deathrow
new what de what a woo hoo do woo dibbidy doo de do de do
who the hell are you?
they told me who they were
they told me what my new job was
i thought for a second and said that's kinda fly cause
so to you people thats just holdin' the walls up
you're messin' up the party and when i'm gettin' called up
you better get your butt onto the floor with the quickness
or let the crowd bear witness

now i'm king, doin' my thing in the underground
and i wear all black, i'm sorta like a vampire now
i don't eat or sleep and i don't like light
i just hunt wallflowers
i'm a man of the night
i walk through the club with a gun and a blackjack
my cap around back, party hat's in my backpack
i always try to keep a lookout for the party sleepers
and when i peep a sleeper, then i'm the grim reaper
into the bottemless pit they can plunge in
down with the other clowns deep in my dungeon
and homie if i harm ya it's for your behavior
no knight in shining armor is coming to save you
you can't get away (?) if you try to run, son
(?) stunt gun
then you go to solitary lonely and tied up
and plus from the stunt gun you're arm all fried up
uh, somebody said my power went to my head a bit
i wish i could find a sucker brother that's saying this shit
i wanna torture him, punish him through the night
put him in the dungeon with a tape of Vanilla Ice
i'm in control like Janet
ya yippity can't stand it
i'm living it like a fire, you're fanning
the mind of a mad man seen through the windows of my eyes
dance or die

you don't wanna dance you just wanna cool out cap
well come into the club and it's straight up death trap
cause i'm a mad scientist and chillin's a no-no
physco soccio straight up loco
taking the life of any sucker that stands around
i spot him in the corner chillin' then imma lay him down
so call an ambulance to just come and take him away
ah forget it get a hearse (?) away
an eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth
a buckshot for a booty that ain't getting loose
a straight up outlaw a cold blooded villain
a point blank killing of suckers that's chillin'
cause i don't stand for chillin' on my dance floor
if you ain't dancing then i'm Charles Manson
i'm coming with the death squad to throw your behind out
if you ain't movin', jumpin', or groovin' i'm pulling my nine out
right up in the club i'll put you to death
and while the guns still smokin imma dance on your chest
the Prince of the party pushing with the power
dance till nine or death till the wallflower
louder and louder the crowd keep chanting
pointing at the booty caught who ain't dancin
so like the terminator now it's up to me
asta la vista baby