lyrics compiled by JumpinJack AJ
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  I'm Nia Pitston.  I'm standing in front of the historic Mann's Chinese Theater.  Where thousands,
 literally thousands of fans, journalist, and well wishers have gathered merely just to catch a glimpse of the artist formerly known as
 Fresh Prince. This album premiere marks Will Smith's return to the world of rap.
Men In Black
Men In Black
Intro, the maestro, nice flow 
Hot like as ice though 
That type of dichotomy, y'all know it's gotta be 
Who else could it be but me? 
Rub your eyes, behold the Big Williest 
Dream supreme beam straight from Philly it's the 
Eclectic female attracter,
Rapper slash actor, right back at 'cha 
And to the next millenium, many come 
but few are chosen see me servin' like the U.S. Open 
Another type of hustler, listed at Blockbuster 
… go and ask a movie usher 
Who is he? He or she - SFP 
Movies, CD's, and TV's, 
but uh-uh 'cause today I take a break from that 
as I roll where a tank of gas'll take me at 
I used to rock these red Iroq Z's 
Now I rock the MB's with the 12's and V's 
Today, sun high.. up in the sky 
From N.Y. la la to M.I., Just Cruisin'
Tichina Arnold:
Where, baby, I don't care (Just Cruisin') 
As long as you take me there (Just Cruisin') 
Somewhere to clear my mind (Just Cruisin') Just Cruisin' 
Men In Black
From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms 
I knew I'd meet death before I'd let you meet harm 
Although questions arose in my mind, "would I be man enough? 
Against wrong, choose right and be standin' up?"
From the hospital that first night 
Took a hour just to get the car seat in right 
People drivin' all fast, got me kinda upset 
Got you home safe, placed you in your bassinet 
That night I don't think one wink I slept 
As I slipped out my bed, to your crib I crept 
Touched your head gently, felt my heart melt 
Cause I know I loved you more than life itself 
Then to my knees, and I begged the Lord please 
Let me be a good daddy, all he needs 
Love, knowledge, discipline too 
I pledge my life to you 
Brian McKnight:
Just me and you
You mean so much to me
Never leave you lonely
Promise I'm here to be 
Anything that you need
Whenever you are hurting
Just call on me and I'll certainly
I'll be there to ease the pain, 'cause you are my everything
It's All Good, pop the bubbly, 
life is lovely 
All sun, no rain, No strain, 
can't complain 
Pass Hell-pain, but Lord Coumbaya 
Now I Boom-shaka-laka-laka ooh-ah-ah 
Got the good life, no strife, real nice 
An I'm a papa, my son Trey (ha ha)
An when I'm on tour, he be mad I'm gone 
But then he smilin' come runnin' screamin' "Daddy's Home!" 
Then he hold me, slightly, tightly 
Ma, your wish came true-I got one just like me 
My life be so good, so good 
Ka-chicka-chicka Ka-chicka-chicka-good 
Things come to those who wait 
But too late my life's too great to wait 
I wanna celebrate good times, c'mon 
Livin' lovin,' lovin' livin'
It's All Good I'm lovin' livin' It's All Good 
Livin' lovin,' lovin' livin'
It's All Good I'm lovin' livin' It's All Good 
Livin' lovin,' lovin' livin'
It's All Good I'm lovin' livin' It's All Good
Livin' lovin,' lovin' livin'
It's All Good I'm lovin' livin' It's All Good
Men In Black (Just Don't Say Nothin')
(Just Don't Say Nothin') Men In Black
(Just Don't Say Nothin')  (Just Don't Say Nothin')
Men In Black (Just Don't Say Nothin')
(Just Don't Say Nothin') Men In Black
Men In Black
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Miami, uh, uh 
Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh 
Ha ha, can y'all feel that Can y'all feel that? Jig it out, uh 
Here I am in the place where I come let go
Miami the bass and the sunset low 
Everyday like a Mardi Gras, everybody party all day 
No work all play, okay 
So we sip a little something, lay to rest the spill 
Me an Charlie at the bar runnin' up a high bill
Nothin less than ill, when we dress to kill 
Everytime the ladies pass, they be like (Hi Will!) 
Can y'all feel me? All ages and races 
Real sweet faces Every different nation, 
Spanish, Haitian, Indian, Jamaican Black, White, Cuban, and Asian 
I only came for 2 days of playing 
But everytime I come I always wind up stayin'
This the type of town I could spend a few days in 
Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin'
Party in the city where the heat is on 
All night, on the beach 'til the break of dawn 
Welcome to Miami 
Buenvenidos a Miami 
Bouncin' in the club where the heat is on 
All night, on the beach 'til the break of dawn 
I'm goin' to Miami 
Welcome to Miami 
The good guys dress in black, remember that 
Just in case we ever face to face and make contact 
The title held by me … M.I.B. 
Means what you think you saw, you did not see 
So don't blink be what was there is now gone
Black suit with the black Ray Ban's on 
Walk in shadow, move in silence 
Guard against extra-terrestrial violence 
But Yo, we ain't on no government list 
We straight don't exist, no names and no fingerprints 
Saw somethin' strange, watch your back 
Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.'s is at
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black) 
Galaxy defenders 
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
They won't let you remember 
Now from the deepest of the darkest of night 
On the horizon, bright light enters sight tight
Cameras zoom, on the impending doom 
But then like BOOM!! black suits fill the room up 
With the quickness, talk with the witnesses 
Hypnotizer, neuralizer Vivid memories turn to fantasies 
Ain't no M.I.B.'s, can I please 
Do what we say, that's the way we kick it 
Yakna'mean? or see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya 
We ya first, last and only line of defense 
Against the worst scum of the universe 
So don't fear us, cheer us If you ever get near us 
Don't jeer us, we're the fearless 
M.I.B.'s, freezin' up all the flack 
(What's that stand for?) Men In Black
Whooo uh uh uh uh u ha ha ha ha 
what what what what uh
On your mark, Ready, Set, Let's go
Dance floor pro I know you know I go psycho 
When my new joint hit, just can't sit
Gotta get jiggy wit it, ohh that's it 
Now honey honey come ride
DKNY all up in my eye
You gotta Prada 
Bag with alota 
Stuff in it, give it to your friend 
Let's spin
Everybody lookin' at me
Glancin' the kid, wish ya nig was dancin' a jig
Here with this handsome kid
Ciga-cigar right from cuba-cuba
I just bite it, it's for the look 
I don't light it
Illway to amay on the dance-day oor-flay
Give it up jiggy, make it feel like foreplay
Yo, my cardio is infinite (ha ha)
Big Willie Style's all in it
…Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
Na na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin Jiggy Wit It
Men In Black