Lyrics compiled by JumpinJack AJ

DJ Jazzy Jeff & yours truly, the Fresh Prince
Are making an edition to all the events
Of the past and present musical eras
We want the young and the old to hear us
As we blend two different styles of music
Never will another group be able to do this 
the way that we mix the present with the past
we Hip-Hop but with A Touch of Jazz

Attention to all parents and guardians
Here's a rap record that not about partying
It's deep, with meaningful rappin'
It could very well close the generation gap in…music
And make parents and children all sit down
And the both be willing to listen to our music, rap with class
It's Hip-Hop but with A toucha toucha Touch of Jazz

Making a record is similar to baking
You need ingredients if you plan on making
It come out correctly, and in a second
I'm gonna give the recipe we used for this record
A quarter cup of rhymes and a cup of beats
A half of cup of clubs and a dash of the streets
A piece of the present and a pinch of the past
Throw in Jeff + The 'Prince and A Touch of Jazz

It's amazing…NO, it's phenomenal
It's utterly stupendous, it's mind-bogglin'
How could two guys such as 'Prince + Jazzy Jeff
Whined up being so def?
Who do you know, huh? With this much talent?
You say you know someone?  I doubt it pal
You know why? 'Cause we're the cream of the crop
Who else would thought to mix Jazz up with Hip-Hop?
Huh? What's wrong?  The cat got your tongue?
You know this record is headed for number one
On the chart, 'cause we're tops in our class
'Cause we mix Hip-Hop up with A Touch of Jazz