We're number
we're numero
court is now in session

hear ye, hear ye
all listen close
to the man, the myth, the Prince, the utmost
i got a brain like a cup
and rhymes i pour 'em
spectrom to the astrodome (?)
all the way to Wimbley
fans line of frenzy
doin' what i gotta do to make people remember me
fast like flo-jo
crazy like ku-jo
both i know and you know that i'm numero uno

my crew is numero

i would order in the court
prepare to cop the police sucker
judge, jury, bayliff, they're all me
you're on trial
but you can't win
cause i wrote the script
whereas you die in the end
so throw in the towel
sign off
just give it up
you're tryin' to beat me in a game that i made up
and by the time you learn the rules and try to change your fate
it's too little, too late
sorry, jump, check-mate
i'm in the mood to do my thing
you wanna battle?
let's go
just get you're butt in the ring
10 seconds and it's over
i yell out Who's next?
i caught you off gaurd with a lyrical suplex
the ship that won't sink will (?)
i'm a carnivor
strong just like a dinosaur
you got more
you're not scared
dude, what you runnin' for?
cause i'm incredible
i do the impossible
i'm known to destroy what you do if you follow the rules
i'm number 1
i'm the Prince
i'm the lyrical gun
who you dissin'?
yo, cut that out son
cause i'm a weapon
you hear what i said
and i should have a danger sign on my forehead
cause i'm leathal, fatal, unstable
i'm nitro standin' in front of a mic cable
waitin' to blow if there's a flicker of static
to ignite the fumes on the room
you feel you're doom
you try to break
but there is no escape
from the jaws of death
cause you took the bate
and if i say so you may go
it's like mother, may i?
may i go? hell no
go ahead and play me if you think i'm a joke
just keep a brace around for when you're neck gets broken
cause your gamblin'
like craps at trump
go ahread, roll
snake eyes
you lost chump
that's the way it's gonna be every time
you try to go rhyme to rhyme
your rhymes against my rhymes
your rhymin' is weak, your rhymin' is wack
wherever you got it from i suggest you take it back
hold up hops
you say you made it up
then cut your head off
because your brain sucks
you should've stayed back
you should've laid back
you should've prayed that i didn't come back but i came back
remember way back
you used to say i wrote wack raps
no you're screamin' Somebody tame that lyrical cyclopes
yo Prince please stop
somebody call the cops
go get you some eye drops
now here's a word from the wise
don't go into the light
that's how i get you because i'm a poetic (?)
now in your mind is a vision
that is driven by my decision to become a imaginational figment
which gives me the freedom to explore and rome the realm of your mind
and disappear when you look behind
you know i'm a gladiator
and i really, really hate a sucker steppin' to me that's a purpotrator
(?) terminator that's like settin' up a detinator
(?) that was
you know that it's def cause
i just transformed it
like Jeff does
fast like flo-jo
crazy like ku-jo
both i and you know that i'm numero uno

my crew is numero
we're number
my crew is numero