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General Info

"A wealthy family in Bel-Air, California, receives a dubious gift from their poorer relations in Philadelphia when Grammy Award-winner Will Smith arrives as The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. His mother wants him to 'learn some good old-fashioned values' from his successful relatives. But Will shatters the sophisticated serenity of Bel-Air with his streetwise common sense, much to the dismay of his upper-crust uncle, Philip Banks, Aunt Vivian and three conceited cousins, Carlton, Hilary and Ashley - and even the butler, Geoffrey. As the Banks family opens their home - and their checkbook - to their needy relative, Will adapts easily to their indulgent lifestyle. Yet, he reminds everyone that the simplest pleasures of family life can't be bought at any price."
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Cast Bio

Will Smith
An accomplished actor and Grammy-winning singer, Will Smith is a versatile performer who has worked in television, film and music. A native of Philadelphia, Smith began rapping for fun at parties when he was 12 years old. He joined musician Jeff Townes in 1981, and five years later they became D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The duo won a 1988 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance and a 1991 Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. Additionally, Smith and Townes were honored at the 1992 NAACP Image Awards as Outstanding Rap Artists. Their albums together include "Rock The House," "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper," "And in This Corner" and "Homebase."

James Avery
(Philip Banks)
After graduation from high school in his native Atlantic City, NJ, James Avery joined the Navy and served in Vietnam (1968-69). He settled in San Diego after his discharged. There, Avery wrote poetry and television scripts for PBS, and won an Emmy for production. He also won a scholarship to the University of California at San Diego, where he obtained his Bachelor or Arts degree in drama and literature.

Daphne Maxwell Reid
(Vivian Banks)
Daphne Maxwell Reid stepped into the old role of Aunt Vivian on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" at the beginning of the 1993-94 season. Prior to that she starred with her husband, actor Tim Reid, on the TV series "Frank's Place" and "Snoops." Viewers may also recognize her from her series role on "Simon & Simon" and as a frequent guest co-host on "The Home Show."

Alfonso Ribeiro
(Carlton Banks)
A New York native, Alfonso Ribeiro began his professional acting career at age eight on the PBS drama series "Oye Willie." He later starred on the former NBC series "Silver Spoons." Among his additional television credits are a starring role in the NBC movie "Mr. Foster's Field Trip" as well as appearances on such series as "Magnum P.I.," "Circus of the Stars," "The Andy Williams Christmas Special" and " Start Cruise."

Karyn Parsons
(Hilary Banks)
Born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, Karyn Parsons started studying acting at age 13. A series of modeling jobs and work in commercials led her to be cast in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." She has since earned numerous credits on television and in motion pictures.

Tatyana M. Ali
(Ashley Banks)
A veteran of the PBS educational series "Sesame Street" from 1984 to 1988, Tatyana M. Ali has since accumulated a variety of television, feature film and stage credits. Ali has co-hosted two Saturday morning programs - "Name Your Adventure" and "Brains and Brawn" - and starred in the TV movie "Mr. Foster's Field Trip." She guest-starred on such series as "The Cosby Show," "Hawk," the daytime drama "All My Children" and the British program "Family Album." Additionally, she starred in a television special titled "Sports Illustrated for Kids Olympic Special" and was a two-time winner in the singing competition on "Star Search."

Joseph Marcell
(Geoffrey the Buttler)
Marcell was born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and emigrated to England with his family when he was five. As a college student he became intrigued with acting after seeing a performance by the Negro Ensemble Theatre in London, and he switched his major from engineering to theater arts. He studied at Sheffield University in Yorkshire and graduated from the central School of Speech and Dance.

Ross Bagley
(Nicholas "Nicky" Banks)
Ross was introduced to acting as a career when a talent manager discovered him during a choir performance at the First A.M. E. Church in Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, Ross was cast in a national television commercial for a breakfast cereal.
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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Facts

  • The name of Uncle Phil's law firm is Firth, Wynn, & Meyer
  • Will's mom is called Vy (short for Viola)
  • Will's aunts are Aunt Viv, Aunt Helen, & Aunt Janice. They also greet each other by yelling out divas
  • Will's birthday on the show is July 3, 1973
  • The Bankses' phone number is 555-9130
  • Hilary has worked at an art gallery, has been a weather girl for KPPR, a caterer, & finally got her own show
  • Carlton loves Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, & is often compared to Bryant Gumble
  • Nicki has five middle names-Alexander (chosen by Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil) Wanya, Michael, Shawn, and Nathan. He was named after Boyz II Men because they sang for him at his christening.
  • Geoffrey used to be a runner, until he cheated during a British World Cup race by taking a cab to the finish line.
  • The family lives at 805 St. Cloud Road, across the street from the Spellings & next door to the Reagans.
  • Uncle Phil used to live on a farm & had the nickname Zeke
  • The name of Will's father is Lou
  • Cornflake's real name is Kellog Liverbomb. The name of some of Will's other friends are Jazz, Ty, Ice Tray, Keith Campbell (the comedian), Word, & Chill.
  • Jazz smells like fried chicken & cologne
  • Will's full first name on the show is William-not Willard
  • Ashley loves Tevin Campbell and dated Lil' T

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    Episode Guide

    Pilot (episode 1)
    Urban youth Will moves in with his rich relatives.
    First aired Monday, Sep 10 1990

    Bang the Drum Ashley (episode 2)
    Ashley trades her violin for drums.
    First aired Monday, Sep 17 1990

    Clubba Hubba (episode 3)
    Carlton tutors Will on meeting country club women.
    First aired Monday, Sep 24 1990

    Not With My Pig, You Don't (episode 4)
    Will tries to smooth relations between Philip and his provincial parents.
    First aired Monday, Oct 1 1990

    Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy (episode 5)
    Hilary falls for Will's old pal.
    First aired Monday, Oct 8 1990

    Mistaken Identity (episode 6)
    Jailed, Will and Carlton arrange a media stunt.
    First aired Monday, Oct 15 1990

    Def Poet's Society (episode 7)
    Will joins the poetry club.
    First aired Monday, Oct 22 1990

    Some Day Your Prince Will Be in Effect (episode 8)
    Will and Carlton vie for dates for Hilary's party.
    First aired Monday, Oct 29 1990

    Some Day Your Prince Will Be in Effect (episode 9)
    Will and Carlton vie for dates for Hilary's party.
    First aired Monday, Oct 29 1990

    Kiss My Butler (episode 10)
    Will is attracted to Geoffrey's date.
    First aired Monday, Nov 5 1990

    Courting Disaster (episode 11)
    Carlton feels overshadowed by star player Will.
    First aired Monday, Nov 12 1990

    Talking Turkey (episode 12)
    The kids cook Thanksgiving dinner.
    First aired Monday, Nov 19 1990

    Knowledge Is Power (episode 13)
    Will blackmails Hilary into being his servant.
    First aired Monday, Nov 26 1990

    Day Damn One (episode 14)
    Will faces Carlton's prep school pals.
    First aired Monday, Dec 3 1990

    Deck the Halls (episode 15)
    Will's holiday decorations rile the neighbors.
    First aired Monday, Dec 10 1990

    Lucky Charm (episode 16)
    Will's remarks influence Philip's client's decisions.
    First aired Monday, Jan 7 1991

    The Ethnic Trip (episode 17)
    Will proposes a black history class at his school.
    First aired Monday, Jan 14 1991

    The Young and the Restless (episode 18)
    Will takes Philip's elderly mother out on the town.
    First aired Monday, Jan 14 1991

    It Had to Be You (episode 19)
    Will tries to dump a domineering date on Carlton.
    First aired Monday, Feb 4 1991

    Nice Lady (episode 20)
    Will escorts a blue blood to a dance club.
    First aired Monday, Feb 11 1991

    Love at First Fight (episode 21)
    Love threatens the college career of Will's girlfriend (Jasmine Guy).
    First aired Friday, Feb 8 1991

    Bank's Shot (episode 22)
    Philip tries to get even with pool hustlers who duped Will.
    First aired Monday, Feb 25 1991

    72 Hours (episode 23)
    Will challenges Carlton to spend time in a tough neighborhood.
    First aired Monday, Mar 11 1991

    Just Infatuation (episode 24)
    Will invites a teen idol to Ashley's birthday party.
    First aired Monday, Apr 29 1991

    Working It Out (episode 25)
    To save her job, Hilary asks Will to date her boss.
    First aired Monday, May 6 1991

    Did the Earth Move for You? (episode 26)
    Will and his girlfriend are trapped during an earthquake.
    First aired Monday, Sep 9 1991

    The Mother of All Battles (episode 27)
    Will and Carlton try to help Ashley make peace with a bully.
    First aired Monday, Sep 16 1991

    Will Gets a Job (episode 28)
    Will tries to juggle school and a new job.
    First aired Monday, Sep 23 1991

    PSAT Pstory (episode 29)
    Will outscores Carlton on college boards.
    First aired Monday, Sep 30 1991

    Granny Gets Busy (episode 30)
    Will plays matchmaker for Philip's mother and the handyman.
    First aired Monday, Oct 7 1991

    Guess Who's Coming to Marry (episode 31)
    Will's mother forbids him to attend his aunt's interracial wedding.
    First aired Monday, Oct 14 1991

    The Big Four-Oh (episode 32)
    On her birthday, Vivian has a mid-life crisis.
    First aired Monday, Oct 21 1991

    She Ain't Heavy (episode 33)
    An overweight blind date affects Will.
    First aired Monday, Nov 4 1991

    Cased Up (episode 34)
    Philip's protege (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) sues Will after a car accident.
    First aired Monday, Nov 11 1991

    Hi Ho Silver (episode 35)
    Will and Carlton think a party guest (Zsa Zsa Gabor) stole the silverware.
    First aired Monday, Nov 18 1991

    The Butler Did It (episode 36)
    Will and Carlton rent out the house for a video shoot.
    First aired Monday, Nov 25 1991

    Something for Nothing (episode 37)
    Will wins the raffle at Phil's political fund-raiser.
    First aired Monday, Dec 9 1991

    Christmas Show (episode 38)
    A robber makes off with the family's Christmas gifts.
    First aired Monday, Dec 16 1991

    Hilary Gets a Life (episode 39)
    Hilary must work for a caterer after her credit cards are shredded.
    First aired Monday, Jan 6 1992

    My Brother's Keeper (episode 40)
    Will plans to impress a college basketball scout.
    First aired Monday, Jan 13 1992

    Geoffrey Cleans Up (episode 41)
    Geoffrey is attracted to a woman beneath him socially.
    First aired Monday, Jan 20 1992

    Community Action (episode 42)
    Hilary meets a doctor while doing community service at a hospital.
    First aired Monday, Feb 3 1992

    Ill Will (episode 43)
    Will must have his tonsils removed; with Milton Berle.
    First aired Monday, Feb 10 1992

    Eyes on the Prize (episode 44)
    Needing a game-show partner, Will must choose between bickering friends.
    First aired Monday, Feb 17 1992

    Those Were the Days (episode 45)
    Will emulates Philip and Vivian's activist friend.
    First aired Monday, Feb 24 1992

    Vying for Attention (episode 46)
    Will dislikes his mother's new boyfriend; guest Raven-Symone.
    First aired Monday, Mar 2 1992

    The Aunt Came to Dinner (episode 47)
    An aunt pre-empts Will and Carlton's rendezvous with two French women.
    First aired Monday, Mar 23 1992

    Be My Baby Tonight (episode 48)
    Ashley's curiosity about reproduction sends Will to a pregnancy counseling center.
    First aired Monday, Apr 27 1992

    Striptease for Two (episode 49)
    Will and Carlton become male dancers to get Vivian's bracelet out of hock.
    First aired Monday, May 4 1992

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation (episode 50)
    Will returns from Philadelphia with a new look and a pager.
    First aired Monday, Sep 14 1992

    Will Gets Committed (episode 51)
    Will and the Bankses do community service in a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood.
    First aired Monday, Sep 21 1992

    That's No Lady ... That's My Cousin (episode 52)
    Will and Carlton's prep school goes coed; Ashley dresses outrageously.
    First aired Monday, Sep 28 1992

    Hilary Gets a Job (episode 53)
    Hilary gets a job reporting weather on television.
    First aired Monday, Oct 5 1992

    Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe (episode 54)
    An ex-girlfriend claims Carlton fathered her child.
    First aired Monday, Oct 12 1992

    P.S. I Love You (episode 55)
    Will feels guilty accepting gifts from a plain girl.
    First aired Saturday, Oct 24 1992

    Here Comes the Judge (episode 56)
    Will gets arrested for numerous parking tickets as Phil runs for judge.
    First aired Monday, Oct 26 1992

    Boyz in the Woods (episode 57)
    Snow traps campers Will, Uncle Phil and Carlton.
    First aired Thursday, Nov 5 1992

    A Night at the Oprah (episode 58)
    Will airs family dirty laundry on ``The Oprah Winfrey Show.''
    First aired Monday, Nov 9 1992

    Asses to Ashes (episode 59)
    Will defends Phil against the charges of a sleazy rival candidate (Sherman Hemsley).
    First aired Monday, Nov 16 1992

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (episode 60)
    Will helps a pregnant sportscaster (Vanessa Williams) deliver.
    First aired Monday, Nov 23 1992

    The Cold War (episode 61)
    Will dates Carlton's ex-girlfriend.
    First aired Monday, Dec 7 1992

    Mommy Nearest (episode 62)
    Will's mother (Vernee Watson-Johnson) wants to bring him home to Philadelphia.
    First aired Monday, Dec 14 1992

    Winner Takes Off (episode 63)
    Will and Carlton trick Geoffrey into thinking he won the lottery.
    First aired Monday, Jan 4 1993

    Robbing the Banks (episode 64)
    The house is robbed after Philip hires an ex-convict handyman.
    First aired Monday, Jan 18 1993

    Bundle of Joy (episode 65)
    The clan fantasizes about life with the new baby.
    First aired Monday, Jan 25 1993

    Best Laid Plans (episode 66)
    Will tries to dupe a girl (Kim Fields) into intimacy.
    First aired Monday, Feb 1 1993

    The Alma Matter (episode 67)
    Princeton accepts Will but rejects Carlton; guest Tom Jones.
    First aired Monday, Feb 8 1993

    Just Say Yo (episode 68)
    A classmate gives tired Will amphetamines, which Carlton unwittingly takes.
    First aired Monday, Feb 15 1993

    The Baby Comes Out (episode 69)
    With Vivian a week overdue, sympathy pains hospitalize Phil.
    First aired Monday, Feb 22 1993

    You Bet Your Life (episode 70)
    Carlton and Will lose to a card shark with a jealous beau (Riddick Bowe).
    First aired Monday, Mar 1 1993

    Ain't No Business Like Show Business (episode 71)
    Will's childhood pal visits.
    First aired Monday, Apr 12 1993

    The Way We Were (episode 72)
    Will flashes back when Vivian and Phil renew wedding vows.
    First aired Monday, May 3 1993

    Six Degrees of Graduation (episode 73)
    Will must perform with 8-year-olds at commencement.
    First aired Monday, May 10 1993

    Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 1) (episode 74)
    Partygoers overrun Will and Carlton's off-campus apartment.
    First aired Monday, Sep 20 1993

    Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Part 2) (episode 75)
    Will and Carlton are booted from their apartment; Hilary gets a shocking on-air proposal.
    First aired Monday, Sep 20 1993

    All Guts, No Glory (episode 76)
    Will takes a philosophy course to meet a girl.
    First aired Monday, Sep 20 1993

    Father of the Year (episode 77)
    To meet girls, Will poses as his newborn cousin's single dad.
    First aired Monday, Sep 27 1993

    It's Better To Have Loved and Lost It ... (episode 78)
    Carlton seeks his first meaningful relationship with a woman.
    First aired Monday, Oct 4 1993

    Will Goes a Courtin' (episode 79)
    Phil sues Will and Carlton for back rent.
    First aired Monday, Oct 11 1993

    Hex and the Single Guy (episode 80)
    Hilary summons a spirit channeler, who hexes Will.
    First aired Monday, Oct 18 1993

    Blood Is Thicker Than Mud (episode 81)
    Will and Carlton try to get accepted to an African-American fraternity.
    First aired Monday, Oct 25 1993

    Fresh Prince After Dark (episode 82)
    Will fakes illness so he can get out of a date and attend a Playboy-mansion party.
    First aired Monday, Nov 1 1993

    Home Is Where the Heart Attack Is (episode 83)
    Will feels responsible for Phil's heart attack.
    First aired Monday, Nov 8 1993

    Take My Cousin ... Please (episode 84)
    Will sets up his English professor (Phil Morris) with Hilary.
    First aired Monday, Nov 15 1993

    You've Got to Be a Football Hero (episode 85)
    Fraternity brothers leave drunken Will in a cemetery, where he is haunted.
    First aired Monday, Nov 29 1993

    'Twas the Night Before Christening (episode 86)
    Vivian tells her sisters each can be the godmother; guests Boyz II Men.
    First aired Monday, Dec 20 1993

    Sleepless in Bel-Air (episode 87)
    Distractions thwart Will's attempt to cram for an exam.
    First aired Monday, Dec 20 1993

    Who's the Boss (episode 88)
    Carlton and Will clash over running the Peacock Stop.
    First aired Monday, Jan 3 1994

    I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams (episode 89)
    A rival college steals mascot Carlton.
    First aired Monday, Jan 10 1994

    When You Hit Upon a Star (episode 90)
    Will becomes a jet-setter while dating a pop star.
    First aired Monday, Jan 24 1994

    Stop Will! In the Name of Love (episode 91)
    Will chaperons Ashley's date; guest Branford Marsalis.
    First aired Monday, Jan 31 1994

    You'd Better Shop Around (episode 92)
    A car dealer hires Will, then persuades him to quit college.
    First aired Monday, Feb 14 1994

    The Ol' Ball and Chain (episode 93)
    Jazz's fiance (Karen Malina-White), a car thief, makes a pass at Will.
    First aired Monday, Feb 21 1994

    The Harder They Fall (episode 94)
    Will and his girlfriend's dad (John Witherspoon) are in a plane crash.
    First aired Monday, Feb 28 1994

    M Is for the Many Things She Gave Me (episode 95)
    Phil's ex-girlfriend (Pam Grier) is attracted to Will.
    First aired Monday, Mar 14 1994

    Mother's Day (episode 96)
    Phil urges the kids to give Vivian thoughtful Mother's Day gifts.
    First aired Monday, Apr 25 1994

    Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse (episode 97)
    Will's father (Ben Vereen) comes back into his life.
    First aired Monday, May 2 1994

    For Sale by Owner (episode 98)
    The Trumps make a lucrative offer for the Banks home, prompting flashbacks.
    First aired Monday, May 9 1994

    The Philadelphia Story (episode 99)
    Will returns to Philadelphia to visit his mom and to settle an old score.
    First aired Monday, May 16 1994

    The Client (episode 100)
    Will manages the rising singing career of Ashley.
    First aired Monday, Sep 19 1994

    What's Will Got to Do With It? (episode 101)
    Rising star Ashley becomes a prima donna.
    First aired Monday, Sep 19 1994

    Reality Bites (episode 102)
    Will and Carlton take Nicky to the mall to see his favorite TV character.
    First aired Monday, Sep 26 1994

    Grumpy Young Men (episode 103)
    Will's date falls for Carlton; Philip and Hilary teach Ashley to drive.
    First aired Monday, Oct 3 1994

    Fresh Prince, The Movie (episode 104)
    Murder witness Will enters a witness protection program and life in an Alabama trailer park.
    First aired Monday, Oct 10 1994

    Will's Misery (episode 105)
    A new sorority pledge plans to teach Will a lesson; guest Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
    First aired Monday, Oct 17 1994

    Father Knows Best (episode 106)
    Ashley drops out of private school; Hilary tries to broaden her talk show's demographics.
    First aired Monday, Oct 24 1994

    Soooooooul Train (episode 107)
    Carlton vies with Will in a dance contest on "Soul Train"; guest Don Cornelius.
    First aired Monday, Nov 7 1994

    Love Hurts (episode 108)
    Will's date fends off another guy with karate; guest Ken Griffey Jr.
    First aired Monday, Nov 14 1994

    Will's Up The Dirt Road (episode 109)
    Tabloid-reporter Will gets into legal trouble with Jay Leno.
    First aired Monday, Nov 21 1994

    Will Steps Out (episode 110)
    Will thinks Lisa is dating another guy; guest Susan Powter.
    First aired Monday, Nov 28 1994

    Same Game, Next Season (episode 111)
    Will makes a good impression with Lisa's dad (John Amos).
    First aired Monday, Dec 12 1994

    Three's a Crowd (episode 112)
    Lisa intrudes on Will and Carlton's annual ski trip.
    First aired Monday, Jan 9 1995

    It's a Wonderful Lie (episode 113)
    After lying about their plans, Will and Lisa wind up at the same party.
    First aired Monday, Jan 23 1995

    Bullets Over Bel-Air (episode 114)
    Carlton buys a gun after he and Will are robbed.
    First aired Monday, Feb 6 1995

    A Decent Proposal (episode 115)
    Will proposes to reluctant Lisa; accident-prone Hilary stalls Will's recovery.
    First aired Monday, Feb 13 1995

    Will Is From Mars ... (episode 116)
    Will and Lisa attend counseling with the Jeffersons (Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford).
    First aired Monday, Feb 20 1995

    The Wedding Show (Psyche!) (episode 117)
    To avoid family bickering, Will and Lisa elope; guest Isaac Hayes.
    First aired Monday, Feb 27 1995

    Slum Like It ... Not! (episode 118)
    Will and Carlton try to bring Phil's new real estate investment up to code.
    First aired Monday, Mar 13 1995

    As the Will Turns (episode 119)
    The lead in a daytime drama (Leanne Hunley) wants Will for her co-star.
    First aired Monday, Apr 10 1995

    Save the Last Trance for Me (episode 120)
    Carlton hires a hypnotist for Will's bash; Nicky interviews for school.
    First aired Monday, Apr 17 1995

    Cold Feet, Hot Body (episode 121)
    A new student (Robin Givens) trying to seduce Will befriends Lisa.
    First aired Monday, May 1 1995

    To Thine Own Self Be Blue ... And Gold (episode 122)
    Phil's fraternity brother, a successful businessman, offers Will an internship.
    First aired Monday, Apr 24 1995

    Love in an Elevator (episode 123)
    Will, Carlton and a friend are trapped in a hotel elevator.
    First aired Monday, May 8 1995

    For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll (episode 124)
    Will has wedding jitters; his mom and Lisa's dad clash.
    First aired Monday, May 15 1995

    Burnin' Down the House (episode 125)
    Will causes a kitchen fire -- just as an important dinner guest arrives.
    First aired Monday, Sep 18 1995

    Get a Job (episode 126)
    By booking a famous director (Chris Rock), Will becomes Hilary's talent coordinator.
    First aired Monday, Sep 25 1995

    Stress Related (episode 127)
    Will overmedicates ailing Hilary before a meeting with a potential sponsor.
    First aired Monday, Oct 2 1995

    Bourgie Sings the Blues (episode 128)
    Posing as his cousin, Will handles Carlton's Princeton interview; guest B.B. King.
    First aired Monday, Oct 9 1995

    The Script Formerly Known As ... (episode 129)
    Dismissed juror (George Wallace) from Phil's big case appears on Hilary's show.
    First aired Monday, Oct 16 1995

    Not I Barbecue (episode 130)
    Will and Carlton challenge Sandra and Tiffany to a game of strip Scrabble.
    First aired Monday, Oct 23 1995

    Not With My Cousin You Don't (episode 131)
    Will and Carlton try to halt Ashley's planned intimate evening with her beau (Jaleel White).
    First aired Monday, Nov 6 1995

    Viva Lost Wages (episode 132)
    Phil takes the boys to Las Vegas for Carlton's 21st birthday; guest Wayne Newton.
    First aired Monday, Nov 13 1995

    There's the Rub (episode 133)
    Will and Phil get arrested at a massage parlor; meanwhile, Vivian prepares a Thanksgiving feast; Hilary and Carlton feed homeless people.
    First aired Monday, Nov 20 1995

    There's the Rub (episode 134)
    Will and Phil get arrested at a massage parlor; Hilary and Carlton feed homeless people.
    First aired Monday, Nov 20 1995

    I, Ooh, Baby, Baby (episode 135)
    Will plays matchmaker for Hilary and a doctor; Hilary reveals shocking news.
    First aired Monday, Nov 20 1995

    Boxing Helena (episode 136)
    Will's New Year's resolution leads him to the gym to get in shape.
    First aired Monday, Dec 11 1995

    Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (episode 137)
    A modeling agent (Joan Van Ark) discovers Ashley; neglected Vivian mulls a separation.
    First aired Monday, Jan 15 1996

    Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (episode 138)
    Will schemes to save Vivian and Phil's marriage; guest Jenifer Lewis.
    First aired Monday, Feb 12 1996

    I, Clownius (episode 139)
    A perilous situation occurs when bodyguards Will and Carlton escort Phil to court.
    First aired Monday, Jan 8 1996

    The Butler's Son Did It (episode 140)
    Geoffrey's estranged son arrives from London with a hidden agenda.
    First aired Monday, Feb 26 1996

    I, Bowl Buster (episode 141)
    Carlton, accepted to Princeton, takes up bowling; Hilary leads a Blue Bird troop.
    First aired Monday, Feb 19 1996

    Hare Today ... (episode 142)
    A minister (Richard Roundtree) shows romantic interest in Vivian.
    First aired Monday, Mar 18 1996

    I, Stank Horse (episode 143)
    A favored horse is in danger when Will takes his cousins to the racetrack.
    First aired Monday, Apr 15 1996

    I, Whoops, There It Is (episode 144)
    Will Smith and the cast present outtakes from the past six seasons; guest Dick Clark.
    First aired Monday, Apr 8 1996

    I, Stank Hole in One (episode 145)
    Carlton gets jealous when Will plays golf with Phil; guest Regis Philbin.
    First aired Monday, Apr 22 1996

    Eye, Tooth (episode 146)
    Actor William Shatner is booked as a guest on Hilary's show.
    First aired Monday, May 6 1996

    I, Done (Part 1) (episode 147)
    The Banks family is moving; Will discourages potential buyers.
    First aired Monday, May 13 1996

    I, Done (Part 2) (episode 148)
    As the Banks family prepares to move, Will discourages potential buyers for the house; guest Sherman Hemsley; Isabel Sanford; Marla Gibbs; Conrad Bain; Gary Coleman.
    First aired Monday, May 20 1996
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