He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper

Release Year: 1988

Track titleTrack length
1. Nightmare On My Street4:56
2. Here We Go Again4:01
3. Brand New Funk4:04
4. Time To Chill4:24
5. Charlie Mack (1st Out Of The Limo)4:46
6. As We Go5:34
7. Parents Just Don't Understand5:15
8. Pump Up The Bass5:14
9. Let's Get Busy Baby4:06
10. Another Special Announcement (LP and Tape Bonus Track)2:10
11. Live At Union Square, (November 1986)4:07
12. D.J. On The Wheels2:44
13. My Buddy3:40
14. Rhythm Trax-House Party Style4:39
15. He's The D.J., I'm The Rapper4:56
16. Hip Hop Dancer's Theme2:55
17. Jazzy's In The House3:01
18. Human Video Game4:14