Giving you the flavour of what's to come from DJ Jazzy Jeff's forthcoming long player (August 2002), the album covers 'any base you can imagine', filled with the rich & unique sound of Philadelphia, this album is yesterday, today & tomorrow, in a little over 70 mins. Tell your friends….

'The Magnificent' … The Album… DJ Jazzy Jeff's first solo project

Besides his production company, A Touch of Jazz, producing hits for everyone from Michael Jackson to Jill Scott. Jeff recently finished his first solo project.

"I do a lot of production, and I'd never had anybody come to me and say, 'Do what you want, do what you feel." J.J

The Magnificent is part of BBE's producer led Beat Generation series, past instalments include Jay Dee, Pete Rock, will I am & Marley Marl.

"This is what I wanted to do after the whole Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or even the artist thing died down," he said of his 12-year-old company. "I love all kinds of music. I wasn't just a lover of hip-hop. I love soul, jazz, funk, rock, [but] ... people did not know how to accept people who did more than one thing. It's sort of how like when Will did the TV show, everybody was criticizing him like, 'He can't do that and be an MC at the same time.' " J.J

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